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    Hiroshi Nonami

    Mother Nature by cunaka Photo of Tree : Pine, Lake Tenaya, Yosemite National Park by Edward Weston, 1937 Model: Nadia

    Maenads were female worshipers of Dionysus. Their Roman husbands allowed them out for a "lady's night" once a year in reverence of their sacred god of trance. The stripped off their clothes, ran wild through the fields, slaughtered and ate animals with their bare hands, bathed in the blood and wine and made sweet orgiastic sacrifices to their God.

    Jesus Cordero

    Venus is the Roman Goddess of Spring, Love, and Sexual Attraction. She seems to have been a minor deity at first, more associated with the fertility of plants and gardens than with people, until she became identified with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. This gained her considerable worship, since Aphrodite (and therefore Venus) was the mother of Aeneas, the Trojan prince who left after the sack of Troy to found Rome. Julius Caesar named her as his ancestor, and built a temple to Venus Genetrix (...

    The caul of Depression

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    Maudie James by Clive Arrowsmith, 1960s

    Ilazki: Basque Goddess of the Moon. Ilazki’s name, means “light of the dead." #myth

    Vestal - Frederic Leighton ; in ancient roman religion , vestal virgins were priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of the Hearth

    opaqueglitter: New Faces: Angel Rutledge (Ford NY) #Flowers in her #hair ☮k☮ your

    by Christophe Gilbert

    Lethe was the Greek Goddess of Forgetfulness and Oblivion. She was associated with night and she was associated with the river of the same name. Whenever someone died and went to Hades, they had to drink from her water so that they would forget their former lives when they were reborn.

    Poene was the Greek Goddess of Retaliation. Interesting. . . not retribution, like most of them, but retaliation. She was in the train of Dike (Justice) and was once sent in the form of a monster punish the people of Argos for killing Psamathe (where she apparently got killed!)

    When photography meet art as was expressed by the photographer to create a certain feeling in the viewer...Alpsbreeze I want to do something like this one day

    Loïe Fuller... in beautiful flow

    Truly, there is magic in Fairytales. For it takes but a simply-uttered 'Once upon a time...' to allure and spellbind an audience.

    belly dance

    Magnificent golden eyes, pupils ringed with fire. Eyes are windows to the soul, and a fire is brewing deep within.

    Nane was an Armenian pagan Mother Goddess. She was the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Motherhood, and the daughter of the supreme God Aramazd. Nane looked like a young beautiful woman in the clothing of a warrior, with spear and shield in hand, like the Greek Athene, with whom she was identified in the Hellenic period.

    Camyl @ Folio Montreal -- would this work for an underwater kingdom?