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If you suffer from Sciatica, try massaging these trigger points. It hurts, as the trigger points are tender and you have to massage them gently. BUT, it helps a lot!

Low Back Pain Could Be a Tight or Shortened Psoas. (pronounced: So-as). The Psoas is a hip flexor located deep in the abdomen attaching the femur to the pelvis and lumbar spine. The lumbosacral nerve plexus runs through it. Prolonged sitting and lack of exercise can shorten the Psoas. When we stand after sitting for a while, the shortened Psoas pulls the lumbar spine forward into increased lordosis (sway back). A stiff, achy or painful low back & sciatic pain is often a result.

A trigger point is a taut nodule within the muscle tissue that healthy muscle tissue does not have. Your muscles are made of many bundles of long muscle fibers when healthy these muscle fibers squeeze or contract during physical movement or activity and return to their normal resting length afterwards. But this cannot happen when you have active trigger points. Read more here IS REALLY INTERESTING.

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The Anatomy of a Satisfying Side Stretch

This is a Muscle that causes lower back pain from lack of stretching... The QL must be stretched daily, specially if you sit all day.

Neuromuscular Therapy to the most common muscle to develop tension in the body. Latent trigger points in the distal fibers of the second head of trapezius can refer pain to the posterolateral neck and around the ear to the temple.

"Your Fibromyalgia Trigger Points are pretty painful. Make them painless with some easy exercise" Lots of good information on this site. #Fibromyalgia