Berlin - Dividing wall between East and West Berlin.

East & West Berlin. 1979- We went to the DYA in West Berlin and we had to take the train through East Berlin during the night to get the West Berlin Side. It was interesting. I just did not know I viewed and experienced something that few is a wow factor now.

Crossing The Berlin Wall. My dad guarded the wall not long before it was down, after hearing his stories I would love to go and explore with him to see how much has changed and see things from other perspectives! Travel Brilliantly.

The Berlin Wall going up - The symbol of the Cold War and the great divide between the free world and those behind the Iron Curtain.

The beginning of the Cold War - Checkpoint Charlie - The divide between East and West Berlin - Now just a memory

Children playing at “building the Wall”. West Berlin, Germany, 1962

Olaf plays with his football beside the Berlin Wall photo by Günter Zint; Bernauer Strasse, West Berlin, circa 1960s

The Berlin Wall, #Berlin More information:

Berlin Wall towards the end

A West Berlin police officer stands in front of the concrete wall dividing East and West Berlin at Bernauer Strasse as East Berlin workers add blocks to increase the height of the East German barrier Oct. 7, 1961.

The Berlin Wall 1989.

The Berlin Wall

As the rise of the Berlin Wall began in 1961.

The Berlin Wall - Photos

West German girls chat with their grandparents in East Germany, separated from them by an early version of the Berlin Wall.

People escape through building windows to West Germany as the Berlin Wall is being built. August 1961.

Berlin Wall, then and now. Look how industrial and depressing East Germany was even in this tiny snapshot, and how baroque and grand the West was.

Divided Berlin & the dividing wall.

COLD WAR Bomb Shelter

An East German soldier helps a boy over the barbed wire on the East-West border. After this, the soldier was replaced and his fate is unknown.