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    July 1, 1945 - American, British, and French troops move into Berlin.-IMAGE: The Berlin-bound infantrymen passed under the Hammer and sickle of communism as they left the Soviet Marienborn checkpoint.

    East Berlin border guards adding barbed wire to the newly built Berlin Wall.

    A map of how Germany was divided into zones-President Truman presented it as a 'compromise', but in fact the Allies had disagreed openly about: the details of how to divide Germany. the size of reparations Germany ought to pay. -Russian influence over the countries of eastern Europe.

    Postcard from Berlin. A woman hiding her Deutsch Marks at Checkpoint Charlie on July 11, 1948.

    Barbed wire and armed East German guards in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate at the heart of Berlin just before construction began on the Wall in August 1961.

    Stalin in Berlin. Friedrichstrasse station. (1949).

    The checkpoint at Bornholmer Strasse was designed to provide access to East Berlin for citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany. After the announcement was made in 1989 that travel restrictions would be lifted, this was one the places that citizens of the GDR rushed to.

    Watch Former Stasi Agents Defend Their Deeds. Stasiland (2006): Everyone knows about the Nazi camps of Auschwitz and Dachau. But few are aware of the systemic oppression that went on under the Stasi. Now some ex-Stasi agents are trying to re-write history.

    DDR Pfingsttreffen der FDJ 1989 in Ost-Berlin

    legrandcirque: Illegal money changes in the Russian sector of Berlin. Photograph by Ralph Crane. Berlin, Germany, 1953.

    Three East German guards goose-stepping as they march in front of the War Memorial, East Berlin, 1967 by Ralph Crane.

    President Kennedy’s “ich bin ein Berliner” speech on June 26, 1963 in Berlin. . Photo courtesy DPA archive.

    Two West Berlin Policeman scramble for a grenade thrown from East Berlin - moments later, they toss it back over, 1961

    A hand reaches above the broken glass-covered top of the Berlin Wall, 1961

    An East German policeman uses sunlight reflected off a mirror in an attempt to stop photographers from taking pictures. August 1961

    “West Berliner in uniform in front of Berlin Wall; soldier pointing gun over wall.”, by Toni Frissell, 1961

    Tank confrontation of late 1961 at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin. Berlin Crisis of 1961

    West Berlin children, from left, Peter Friedrich, 5, Katrin Kuhl, 4, and Jurgen Bottcher, 8, build a pretend Berlin Wall in a vacant lot in October 1961.

    Four-year-old Michael Finder of East Germany is tossed by his father into a net held by firemen across the border in West Berlin. The apartments were in East Berlin while their windows opened into West Berlin, October 7, 1961 -

    East Germans lived under the shadow of the dreaded Stasi (the German abbreviation for Ministry of State Security), which had thousands of highly trained officers and many more thousands of informers.

    Soviet bear tries to strangle West Berlin, United States (1948)

    How was Germany divided before the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989? #BerlinWall #GDR #onthisday #history

    An East German woman stands crying after she passed a young boy to a man in West Berlin, over a barbed wire fence separating East and West Berlin, 1961

    Map of West Berlin During the Cold War 1962