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    Berlin - Dividing wall between East and West Berlin.

    East Berliners going to West Berlin, the saturday after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989

    The beginning of the Cold War - Checkpoint Charlie - The divide between East and West Berlin - Now just a memory

    Divided Berlin & the dividing wall.

    As the rise of the Berlin Wall began in 1961.

    1962 West German girl Monika Heyne is playing with a ball near the Berlin Wall. (Paul Schutzer)

    The Berlin Wall was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic starting on 13 August 1961, that completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin.

    Though full reunification was still years away, the contact between the two sides was instant and deeper than it had been in decades. A West Berliner here prepares to hand over a West German flag to East German policemen near the Brandenburg Gate. 42 Inspiring Pictures From The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    An East German soldier helps a boy over the barbed wire on the East-West border. After this, the soldier was replaced and his fate is unknown.

    Berlin Wall at the junction of East and West Berlin, Henri Cartier-Bresson 1962.

    East Germany

    Construction of the Berlin Wall, 1961; East German construction workers, supervised by border guards, building the Berlin Wall. During the Cold War, the physical barrier of the Berlin Wall came to symbolise the ideological divisions between Communist Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies and the western democracies of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).

    Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall, then and now. Look how industrial and depressing East Germany was even in this tiny snapshot, and how baroque and grand the West was.

    The Berlin Wall Falls.

    Berlin during WWII

    The Berlin Wall

    West German girls chat with their grandparents in East Germany, separated from them by an early version of the Berlin Wall.

    Windows are bricked up on the East Berline side during the construction of the Berlin Wall, Germany, November 1961 © Don McCullin / Contact Press Images / LUZphoto

    What we call "Veterans Day" today was originally "Armistice Day," marking the day WWI ended. In this photo, Americans celebrate news of German surrender on Wall Street, November 1918.

    The Berlin Wall going up - The symbol of the Cold War and the great divide between the free world and those behind the Iron Curtain.