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18th Century


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    dutch cities Map art

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    The late 17th century Stedenboek (book of cities) by Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit is one of the rarest map books in the world. Only four copies are know to exist and the finest version has been digitised and uploaded by the National Library of The Netherlands. [Flash and html formats are available] De Wit was among the last of the renowned cartographers in what is referred to as theGolden Age of Dutch cartography. Common to all his work was superb engraving and exce...

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Maps illustrations by Ed Fairburn -- stunning.

Here, off-the-shelf storage bins convey color, pattern, and travel inspiration with the help of old maps, matte-finish Mod Podge glue (which becomes transparent when dry), a paint brush, and a putty knife to smooth out bubbles.

hand lettered

1. Visit state. 2. Take pictures in said state. 3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and adhere to map.

finished bath | Flickr -decoupaged with pages from an atlas. Too fun.

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New York City’s Central Park from Above. Amazing.

Clan Names of Ireland Map Card by Mailbox Happiness-Angee at Postcrossing, via Flickr

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40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School

type in a location, it generates a map in watercolor that you can print and frame!

type in a location, it generates a map in watercolor that you can print and frame!

literary travel New England

Freedom of the press, or lack thereof, worldwide in 2013, as reported by reporters without borders. Kind of terrifying.

Fascinating map of popular names for boys and girls, broken down by European country.

Rhine river map with 30 Rhine castles

christoph niemann

Everest Map

map in the sand

1942 world map (vegetation, winds)

Mississippi’s frontage from Baton Rouge south to New Orleans

Actually this is the front of a postcard. Nice, yes?

topography of the depth of the lake