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True that!

For my son Tony. gets asked all the time if he plays basketball.

hahaha, people who love this should start a club together.. #funny..

Pls no. Thx.

No Cash, No Hope, No Jobs. We must protect Kevin Bacon! Not so funny if "No Bacon" actually means "No Food".

Duck Dynasty.

Funny pictures about Duck Dynasty at its best. Oh, and cool pics about Duck Dynasty at its best. Also, Duck Dynasty at its best.

My Ashley does this...lol

this is my life.Gosh,all Moms are amazing. They have to put up with their crazy kids. My Mom must be like SuperMom if she can put up with someone like me.

Love This Farm Sign - The Goat Spot - Goat Forum

Funny and silly signs: Funny zoo sign: Please Be Safe! Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick!

good stuff

I would laugh so hard if someone did this in my elevator! So funny! That would totally make my day!

lol...true dat.

My mum always let me lick the beaters, turning them off and removing them first of course. Sometimes I even lick the beaters now as a grown up lol

*snort  goes both ways buddy  ;)

Free Tired of Her Shit Shirt Funny Meme from all over the world.