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50.00 fine for disturbing the peace The neck tortoise your Lees are creased Hot cup of coffee and the donuts are Dunkin Friday night and Jamaica Queens funkin Elevated platform never gonna conform Riding over the diner where I always get my toast warm Bust into the conductor's booth and busted out rhymes Over the loud speaker about the hard times, Sat across from a man readin El Diario Riding the train down from El Barrio

But I just figured she'd spend the night When I woke up late in the afternoon She had taken all the things from inside his room I found myself naked in the middle of the floor She had taken the bed and the chest of drawers The mirror, the TV, the guitar cord My remote control and my old skateboard She robbed us blind - she took all we owned And the boys blamed me for bringing her home She's crafty... and she's just my type. Miss ya, MCA. R.I.P. 5-4-12.

Author Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters were a group of people who formed in 1964, living communally in California and Oregon. They promoted the use of psychedelic drugs and are noted for the sociological significance of a road trip they took across the U.S. in a psychedelic painted school bus enigmatically labeled "Further" or "Furthur." Their escapades were chronicled by Tom Wolfe in the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. At age 19 and even today I find these people to be truly enlightening.

It was there, amidst the anarchy, Alex Thomas fell to the ground and was too frightened to move. It was there that Scott Jones, her Australian-born boyfriend of six months, climbed on top of her and kissed her to comfort her as riot police marched around them. Photographer Richard Lam preserved that moment in the most iconic image from the riots, one that became an instant sensation around the world and was recently named Esquire magazine's Photo of the Year.

Hunter S. Thompson contemplates.