E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). A Steven Spielberg film. Along with this classic movie comes a classic movie poster - the very limited color scheme is brought to life using a thin off-white border.

E.T. (1982)

The best movie <3

Favorite movies...

E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Titanic : 1997 - this might be the movie I have see the 2nd most...I went to movie theater several times to see it, then, I bought VHS (still VHS at that time) and watched the video again and again and again... I am excited that this will come in 3D in April.... must see ...

one of my favorite movies of all time!

I recently had reason to watch Cast Away again for the first time since I'd seen it in theaters. This movie is incredible. That is all.

TWISTER...one of my favorite movies!

Watched a million times!!!

We Bought a Zoo

Seen. Definitely seen...multiple times.

Makes me cry every time! LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!

One of the best movies of all time:) No doubt about it.

13 Going On 30. my sister and i used to watch this all the time for movie nights when we were younger. Good times :)

Annie (1982)


Never liked Will Ferrell but this movie makes me laugh every time I watch it. And I never get tired of watching it.

This movie is hilarious! I crack up every time I see it!

Ruby in Cold Mountain - one of my all time favorite movie characters even though its the saddest movie ever ! I see myself in her. Such a strong women in hard times.

I ADORE the movie 'Somewhere in Time'. My Dad, a true romantic at heart, loved this movie and introduced me to it. Every time I watch it my heart just melts. REEECCCHARD!!!!!!! (that was screamed with a british accent). LOVE IT!