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I always get this guy. or his brother. or his sister.

Ugh, reminds me that I have to call Verizon for tech support on the home phone.

Ha Ha! Funny! LOL! // The self checkout lane was invented by a man who was sent to the store to buy tampons.

There's probably a lot of truth in this statement. I go there when i don't want the judging looks of what i bought. so what if i bought chocolate, ice cream, sweatpants, tissues and the latest Nicholas Sparks book?

Funny Confession Ecard: We are sisters. If I am mad at someone, you are mad at them too. End of story.

:) So true! If you categorize yourself as my sister ( blood or not ). Unless you are my sister ( blood or not ) because sisters never stay mad at each other long 😊

Funny. Lol.. I have those days. (excuse the language)

I am in the mood to beat someone's ass today and you've been at the top of that list for a long time!

shades of grey babies humor

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but I AM hilarious! I crack me up all the time. If anyone ever puts a camera in here I will be put away for laughing at nothing all the time. I cry hard and I laugh hard.

Must remember this next time DH starts griping while I am parking...

Funny Confession Ecard: If a woman is bad at parking, it's only because she is constantly lied to about what 8 inches is.

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for real. it can happen and people do it every day. no one cares how much you work out.


bahahaha i couldn't stop laughing! "Your momma" jokes are the best. What makes it even better is that my son really does call it a Jumpoline!