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Portrait of a Man French, 15th Century c. 1450

Reliquary Pendant,french,ca. 15th century.

15th Century Portrait Young Woman

A 15th-century portrait of Lucrezia Borgia by Pinturicchio

Settignano - portrait bust of a laughing child - 15th century - Florence, Italy

Portrait of a Man, c. 1480-1500 Northeastern France or the Burgundian Netherlands, 15th century

Fra Fillipo Lippi, 15th century

Portrait of a Painter, made in Turkey (probably in the court of Mehmet II), late 15th century

Late 15th Century Portrait by Ponturicchio No. 20. Library of Siena Cathedral

Necklace from a portrait of Elizabeth Woodville. circa 15th Century

Mary Queen of Scots Custom Hat for portrait artist, Mary Tamaki-Reid, based on a 15th century portrait of MQS.

Engraved gold poesy ring, French, ca. 1200-1400. Inscription: (Lombardic lettering in Norman French) "Ceit Mon Vie". Most often signifying a marriage ring, posie rings are typically English in origin with a long history from the medieval era to the 18th century. Norman French (the precursor to modern day French) was used in the royal courts until the 15th century and employed for poesy rings during the 13th through the 14th century.

Anne d'Alencon Marquise de Montferrat (1492-1562) daughter of Rene Duc d'Alencon from the House of Valois-Alencon and Marguerite de Vaudemont

En general, los vestidos de los hombres eran mas cortos que los de las mujeres; llevaban un jubón con medias, así como la cotardia; una prenda exterior con encajes y de escote bajo, que se ensanchaba a partir de la cadera o de la cintura. Hacia el siglo XV, la cotardia se acorto y adquirió la longitud de un redingote. 52

L'Annonce aux bergers. Danse champêtre.Heures de Charles d'Angoulême, Folio 20V. French, late 15th century.

England, 15th century

Jean Clouet (1485 -1541, French)


Tights of Ferdinand I Aragon made in 1490-1500 are in San Domenico Magiore, Photo - Villagomedievale.com

Detail of Shepard's dance, MS Lat.873.f21. French, late 15th century, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Source: A Medieval Book of Seasons.

Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family, artist unknown, c. 1470