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couverture de livre, Aldous Huxley, fleurs, vert

Arabesque Designs (page 6) - stock illustration clip art. Buy royalty free clipart images on disc by Lushpix Illustration.

Paperback 262: Gold Medal 931 (PBO, 1959) Title: Too Hot to Hold Author: Day Keene Cover artist: uncredited [Robert McGinnis] Yours for: SOLD (7/23/09) Best things about this cover: I Love This Cover. It's unusual and enigmatic and just oozes sophistication and coolness and mystery. I *want to know* what she is doing, where she is going, who's in the cab with her, all of it. Great Girl Art that isn't hyper-sexed. Great gams, great gloves, and Great Hair. "Death" is kind of anticlimactic after "torture." Not really shocking. Kind of the next logical step. Now "... leading men to soup ... and death!" That would be shocking. Sadly, this title has put the theme to Ghostbusters II in my head: "Too hot to handle / Too cold to hold / They're called the Ghostbusters and they're in control!" — Oh, Bobby Brown, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you. Best things about this back cover: If you like green/brown, or off-center typography, this is the cover for you. Page 123~ Linda Lou stopped pretending and ran her hands over her flat body. She could be carrying the first of them now. The thought made her blush. After the way she'd acted, if it was possible for a woman to conceive more than once in a night, she probably had a whole family inside her. You'll be relieved (maybe) to know that this passage is not directly related to the scene of abuse and torture (possible rape?) on the book's back cover. Still, though ... I'm kind of creeped out. "A whole family?" OB/Gyn: "Hey, there's a mom and dad, three kids and a dog in here. How'd that happen?" ~RP [Follow Rex Parker on Twitter]

#Burroughs by #Crumb Best writing is his straight-ahead prose. The crazy fantasy stuff was encouraged to do by this other beatnik writer, Brian Gyson, who, for some reason Burroughs admired. Gyson was, I think, a jive-ass, bullshit kind of guy. Burroughs, I think he lacked confidence in his own writing, because when he wrote straight prose it didn’t sell well. Both #Junky and Queer are great. They’re both written in this very dry, prose style. And his little thin book called the Yage…

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Iceberg Illustration

This cotton canvas tote bag features a hand drawn illustration of an iceberg…

Tom Deininger creates large-scale collages from found objects scavenged from landfills, yard sales and donated by friends and acquaintances.