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Ronald Reagan  joined the Army's Enlisted Reserve Corps at Des Moines, Iowa, on April 29, 1937, as a private in Troop B, 322nd Cavalry. On May 25, 1937, he was appointed a second lieutenant in the Officers' Reserve Corps of the Cavalry and on June 18, 1937, he accepted his officer' commission.

Ronald Reagan, In December right after the U. entered into World War II, Reagan was drafted into the Army. His near-sightedness kept him from the.

President Ronald Reagan throwing paper airplanes (made from official White House stationary) off a hotel balcony in L.A. :)

The Most Captivating Presidential Photography of the Past 50 Years

President Ronald Reagan throwing paper airplane off the balcony at Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California. ---(I stayed here in January

Ronald Reagan    Artist: Mark Summers   website: http://www.richardsolomon.com/artists/mark-summers.htm

I don't think this is a caricature. It isn't funny, sardonic or humiliating. This captures the humor, the joy, the essence of Ronald Reagan.


President Ronald Reagan - U. I saw him at his presidential campaign in San Diego the night before his election in Nov.

A dear friend of the Wyeth family. President Ronald Reagan, Palm Springs, CA by Lee Marmon

President Ronald Reagan on the aerial tramway, Palm Springs, CA by Lee Marmon

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher worked closely with President Ronald Reagan and they saw eye to eye on big international issues. But bringing down a tyranny is what makes modern-day heroes of Thatcher, Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Between them, this blessed trinity won the Cold War, dismantled the Soviet empire and eliminated Communism as a malevolent world force.

Why Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are my all-time heroes