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  • Toni Pomeroy

    I would actually watch the Hunger Games if this happened.

  • Heidi Sayre

    the game master made me laugh

  • Amanda Batastini

    This would be awesome! (And I might actually watch this movie.

  • Danielle Palko

    Omg, i would so be for rambo or bear grylls. Awesome Hunger Games - Funny Pictures, LOL, Jokes and MEME updated hourly by Funny Pictures Blog

  • V

    Imagine these BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!!! Hunger Games... Let the games begin!!!

  • Em Sands

    Imagine these Hunger Games... I love the LOTR characters and Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park because those are just my favorite movies!!

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This is the best thing ever. Everyone else go home.

Bumping into fabio

Retta on Conan. "And that's when I roll down my power windows (singing classical music), bitch. lol oh my gosh! I looked this up and it's actually a bit from the Vivaldi Gloria, not Puccini, but hysterical none the less.

This is what the squirrels look like around Stan Lee's house. (Minus the DC ones.)

This is awesome. It would be better if you could use the see through mirrors so you could see what was reflecting with nothing inside.

Scary when you actually think about it. We brag about being the ultimate predator on Earth despite our lack of obvious physical advantages and yet we really are. Not to mention we have developed ways to kill something without being anywhere near it should it be necessary, or dare I say, fun?

You’re playing a dangerous game… Hahaha! I could only imagine if this happened at my high school :)

Canada had plans to nuke Washington? Did they tear down the Peace Arch? Clearly Canada had enough of being called America! XD

Spartan women were totally badass! If you don't like vulgar language I wouldn't read the whole post :/