Annabelle hydrangea. I just planted this in my garden and can't wait for it to bloom.

Pleached hornbeams

“Columar Hornbeam Tree” - 'LOVE' for privacy in tight places. Will grow above the 6 ft. fence line - Nice ! Would look beautiful decorated in white lights also to light the pathway at night !

An example of pleaching. Pleached hedges are making a comeback as modern gardeners recognize the usefulness of stilt-hedges in urban and suburban gardens to create privacy, primarily, but also to create wind and sound blocks, shade and habitats for wildlife within the confines of limited space. Good candidates for pleaching: American Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Linden, Pear and Apple

Garden Fence

Neighbor's view of garden by greenthumblonde has Hydrangeas in Every Color! Choose from Natural True Blues, Airbrushed Hot Pinks and even Glittered Hydrangeas, perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to your arrangements!

Annabelle Hydrangeas

Tone on Tone

Given enough time, the taxus viridis will completely frame the trunks of the lindens. Front planting Annabelle hydrangeas.

beautiful boxwoods

White garden

Tone on Tone: Garden in Southern Living

Beautiful, love the square hedging at base of trees and mixed planting.

Pleaching with an Allee of Hornbeam Trees. Training & Pruning Trees Above a Fence or Hedge for Privacy in Narrow Spaces via

Hydrangeas and Hostas

Annabelle Hydrangea

New Variety! The Pistachio™ Hydrangea - it will stop you in your tracks; at least it made me come back and look at it three times!

all about hydrangeas

Green and white gardens - my favourite

White garden