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    Oral History by Chief Sitting Bull's Grandson

    Lakota Lullaby (Great Spirit) Indian song

    David Humphreys Miller sketching "One Bull" Sitting Bull's Adoptive Son. Sitting Bull adopted "One Bull at the Age of Three after one of his son's died"

    Russell Means. Actor-activist- leader. This photo from ..Chingachgook - The Last of the Mohicans - The L.A. Times has called him the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse- www.russellmeans....

    Portrait / Cabinet Card of Sitting Bull

    Famous Native American Quotes | 22 famous Native American Quotes | Who said that???

    The Great Grandson of Sitting Bull, Ernie LaPointe

    Indian chiefs who counciled with General Miles and ended the Indian War -- 1. Standing Bull, 2. Bear Who Looks Back Running [Stands and Looks Back], 3. Has the Big White Horse, 4. White Tail, 5. Liver [Living] Bear, 6. Little Thunder, 7. Bull Dog, 8. High Hawk, 9. Lame, 10. Eagle Pipe. Created in 1891 by Grabill, John C. H., photographer. Group portrait of Lakota chiefs, five standing and five sitting with tipi in background--probably on or near Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

    Bull Head: The police were surrounded by an excited throng. Sitting Bull was furious and called to his men for help. His adopted brother, the Assiniboine captive whose life he saved years ago, was the first to fire and killed Lt. Bull Head, who held Sitting Bull by the arm. Then there was a short conflict, in which Sitting Bull and six of his defenders and six Indian police were slain, with many wounded. The chief's young son, Crow Foot, and his adopted "brother" died with him.

    OLD BUFFALO HUNTER The story lines on this portrait depict the weathered life and times of an old buffalo hunter. Lame Bull as he looked in the 1940's. Lame Bull was of the Blackfoot Band who roamed the plains of Alberta Canada.

    An incredible photo of Sitting Bull. His name on this photograph is signed by Sitting Bull himself. This photo was also used as a cover for a book titled "Sitting Bull" by Bill Yenne.

    Short Bull, a member of the Sioux tribe, was born in about 1845. He was a warrior who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and a medicine man who brought the Ghost Dance religion to the Lakotas

    Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

    Sioux Chief Sitting Bull by Hastiin Tilden, via Flickr In 1888 Sitting Bull rejected a new offer to sell Sioux land. The U.S. government became increasingly frustrated by his refusal to negotiate a deal and orders were given for his arrest. Deaths: Indian Police: 6 killed and 1 wounded. Sitting Bull's followers: 7 killed, including his 17 year old son, Crow Foot, and his adopted brother Jumping Bull, and 3 wounded.

    Sitting Bull

    Sitting Bull and family.

    sitting bull

    Lone Sitting Bull

    close up of Sitting Bulls son:

    Sitting Bull & Buffalo Bill