• Joann Kramcsak

    Listening.... Words of Wisdom and Truth here. Something for me to always remember and Live everyday! Living this message and listening with my heart to my children is Developing " a Mother's Heart!"

  • Laurel (Nika)

    parenting tip, so true.

  • Jessica Wolfe

    So true! It's the little things that have the biggest impact!

  • Ashley Escobar

    parenting tip - good advice

  • Liz Way

    love the little stuff..this is so true! I must remember this because I always want for my children to feel they can come and talk to me!

  • Sam Slarks

    This is so true! Great parenting advice!

  • Wislynn Cosmay

    Ouch. My listening skills have not been so good this week. If ever there was a good reminder of why that is important to recognize, this would be it. . .

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