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      The Teddy Roosevelt Collection: Roosevelt's Brooks Brothers 1st USV uniform

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    President Theodore Roosevelt reads a book, while his dog Skip rests in his lap, in the doorway of the West Divide Creek ranch house in Colorado on September 12, 1905.

    Mrs. Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth | 1905 Mrs. Longworth (1884 – 1980) was the oldest child of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. She was the only child of Roosevelt and his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee. 1905.

    Teddy Roosevelt's Colt Revolver

    Alice Roosevelt's wedding Feb. 17, 1906. Princess Alice, as she was known, was a late-Victorian version of a celebrity, whose wild exploits were catnip for the press—smoking in public, driving her own car, chewing gum, and flirting with men—without a chaperone.

    Martha Bulloch Roosevelt (July 8, 1835 – February 14, 1884) was the mother of US President Theodore Roosevelt and the paternal grandmother of Eleanor Roosevelt. She married Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., and had four children. She was a descendant of Archibald Bulloch. A true southern belle, she was affectionately known as Mittie, and is thought to have been one of the inspirations for Scarlett O'Hara.

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    William McKinley with Vice President Teddy Roosevelt

    First Lady Edith Roosevelt's 1905 Inaugural Gown. A robin’s-egg blue silk gown with a design of plumes and birds woven in gold thread. The pattern for the fabric was destroyed so that the first lady’s dress could not be copied. The skirt was altered and the original bodice removed before the dress was donated to the Smithsonian. Via The Symmetric Swan.

    Roosevelt seated in a canoe holding oar on Sept. 11, 1905

    President Theodore Roosevelt with a canoe on September 11, 1905.

    Theodore Roosevelt aboard ship

    Holt Collier (c. 1846 – August 1, 1936) was a noted bear hunter and sportsman. While leading a hunt as a tracker for United States President Teddy Roosevelt in November 1902, Collier unwittingly set the stage for the event that served as the origin of Roosevelt's nickname "Teddy Bear".

    THEODORE ROOSEVELT’S SMITH AND WESSON NEW MODEL NO. 3 REVOLVER: This revolver is attributed by Smith & Wesson factory records to future U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. He most likely took delivery of this gun just prior to training his Rough Riders at San Antonio, Texas. This gun features "combat target" sights and is one of only three or four known to have been chambered for the .38 U.S.Service caliber cartridge (.38 Colt).

    Roosevelt's Rough Rider Uniform, made for him by Brooks Brothers

    1st Rough Rider Reunion Badge

    Here's TR's pistol. It's Been through a lot. Sunk with the Maine, then used in the Spanish American War by Teddy to shoot people, then stolen in the 30's, then found in the woods a few months later, stolen again in the 80's and recovered after ten years or so.

    Theodore Roosevelt was so determined that the United States should intervene against Spain’s suppression of an uprising in Cuba that he quit his post as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to organize his own private military force — called “Rough Riders” — to fight in what became the Spanish-American war.

    Theodore Roosevelt at 1899 Rough Riders reunion

    Theodore Roosevelt "Roosevelt Club" Ribbon and Button, ca. 1904

    Theodore Roosevelt with Rough Rider Friends

    Bull Moose Progressive Party Charter by RedCloverFarmMarket, $50.00

    The Most Stylish Presidents: Teddy Roosevelt

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    Group portrait of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and other high ranking officials of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment: Tampa, Florida (1898)