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Bald Chicks Rock!

bald chicks rock

Never get so frustrated with the bad in the world that you forget how many good people there still are. - Faith in humanity restored

These coming home from the war photos tear at my heart. To all of our military, past, present and future, we thank you so much for your service. This photo is so poignant because it reminds me of a father greeting his son knowing full well what he has been through because he also went to war, most likely in Vietnam. -kjk

Coming home! Christine welcomes Justin home after a year away. Makes me tear up everytime I see this picture! xxx <3

specific: huskies <3

A clever poster...

love my coke fix <3

So, God Made a Farmer. I love this. Not sure if Paul Harvey wrote it, but he narrated a version that is really awesome...available on you tube.


full hands, full heart

Monopoly Sidewalk


Awesome date ideas

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/180530385/diy-printable-be-brave-in-pink

10 easy ways to be a happier version of yourself in 2014 - these are actually really great!

aww, this kinda makes me sad. :(

live. learn. then be awesome.

America no matter what. LOVE THIS!

Only in Canada

Life hacks