Homestead Survival: A new way to make watering raised garden beds efficient and easy DIY Perfect idea for our side yard garden.

How to Build a 4' Raised Garden Bed for Less Than $20. These simple to build #raised #garden #beds are perfect for people wanting to build up their garden for cheap.

Tutorial for creating wood and galvanized steel raised garden beds

DIY irrigation system for raised flower beds. Pretty clever really. No need to think much harder about watering. Just attach to a spigot and turn on when needed.

A raised garden bed with a greenhouse cover can help you extend your growing season.

Make a Watering Trough Raised Garden Bed

{Part 2} How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

Cool vegetable bed.

Neat and attractive paths are a garden highlight. The raised beds have been returned to their pre-retrofit height by layering 2x2s on top of each board.

Great Raised Garden Beds

How to build the perfect raised bed. Attach a pipe on the inside of the bed for a hoop for bird netting or row covers, attach four 12-inch pieces of 1-inch PVC pipe.

DIY Raised Bed Planter - Instructables

Raised plant bed, this one would be better for my back and the dogs wouldn't be able to run through it. Must try this one !!!!

Author says she has never spent more than $8 to build a 4'x4' raised bed or $35 to build a 4'x20' one. They buy two 1x8"cedar boards, which are naturally rot-resistant, & cut in half, so that it is 4-feet long. Then use a 3" length of a 1x1" pine stake, cut into four pieces, to nail the cedar boards to at corners. Each box costs less than $10.

Ten Dollar Cedar Raised Garden Beds | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White

Fence design to keep out small critters from the garden! I am trying this next for my strawberry patch, only with a cover as well to keep out the squirrels.

Raised garden beds how to - Finley and Oliver

excellent... roll down covers.... clever!

pvc pipe + hardware cloth to make raised garden beds cat/bird proof - also good design for rabbit tractor