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    Guy Winch: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid | TED Talk |

    The Art of Self-Care. Psychotherapy & Creative Art/art therapy Workshops

    Some reflective questions to help us figure out what to do in difficult situations. www.plantlovegrow...

    Now that January's officially over, many of us have let our lofty New Year's resolutions slide — and have thus headed into that all-too-familiar spiral of self-criticism. But, the latest infographic from happiness app-makers Happify explains why we should all just give ourselves a break. According to the infographic, self-compassion has three main components: Being supportive of ourselves, understanding everyone's human capacity for making the occasional mistake, and having the mindfulness to accurately know how we're doing. Practicing self-compassion, as we recently learned, can be the secret to getting out of the procrastination cycle. Simply forgiving ourselves for waiting until the last minute makes us much less likely to do it again. And, as the infographic explains, we're also more equipped to get through life's rough patches and have a better body image (regardless of BMI) when we're able to have compassion for ourselves. It's easy to confuse self-compassion with

    Sometimes decluttering really hurts, but it still needs to be done. How I finally let go of my scrapbooking supplies when I had let go of the hobby years before. #overstuffedlife

    Coping skills - things to do when you're feeling down

    Start with self awareness. Be aware of Self Sabotaging negative behaviours - procrastination, excuses, delays & distractions. Article on Self sabotaging & how to address it.

    "Taking things personally is a sign of low self-esteem. Find out tips on how to stop taking things personally ."

    "People can put you down, and that can trigger self-esteem issues if you let it. Find out how to keep calm when others put you down and have healthy self-esteem."

    take a deep the footwork to make repair and forgive yourself~ rePinned by

    The Upside of Anger: Julie Hanks, LCSW on KSL's Studio 5 - YouTube

    Accepting Your True Self When No One Else Does.

    Adore these Crazy Sexy Love Notes from Kris Carr... "It’s high time you gave yourself a healthy dose of self-love. The fact is, you deserve it. You are a magnificent, radiant being. You are divine. And you are awesome. The sooner you start embracing that and treating yourself accordingly, the sooner your life will begin to unfold with compassion, purpose, ease, health, and vitality."

    This concept is one of the first steps in taking back your power....

    How to Stop Taking Things Personally | Taking things personally is a sign of low self-esteem. Find out tips on how to stop taking things personally.

    Have you ever had a time when you were hanging onto your very last nerve for days at at time? Doing these 6 things has really helped me recover from being overwhelmed and become a happier, more peaceful person.

    Setting Boundaries With Family Members - WSJ

    Why Writing Down your Self-Care Plan is Essential to Your Well-being

    Signs of Burnout #burnout www.socialworkcoa...

    Make yourself a priority! Take out enough time every day to complete one self pleasing action or activity for only you. Remember that stress is contagious!

    What is compassion fatigue, and how to cope with it. Not just for nurses or other professional - family members (primary care givers) experience it too! You can't take care of someone else, if you don't take care of yourself first.

    become a priority in your life!!

    Sometimes I forget putting myself first isn't selfish but necessary. Words of wisdom.

    It's okay to #rest. #Pacing is important! Taking care of yourself is okay!