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More from Ana Albero whose work though uniform in style cores a wide range of ideas and situations and is presented in different colourways and textural qualities which give it a completely different feel.


Russian Matchbox Label.

Jennifer Mercede

colours by william.edmonds. looks like confetti

More sweet color action from Till Hafenbrak.

Katt Frank

Silence/Shapes, Set of 3 Fine Art #Prints on D-bond,14 x 21 cm, Filippo Minelli, 2011.

Paintings by Adalberto Ortiz



"An English cottage, warm and cosy." Love this illustration by Katt Frank.

Inca Pan

Olle Eksell

Charley Harper

Previous pinner: I so want this for my 1966 Winnebago!!!! kitchen-shelf by Sevenstar aka Elisandra, via Flickr

Kitchen Scene, Yellow House, (1854-1947). c. 1939-42 bill traylor

quand nous rions

ROOMS / EVENTS? Breakfast by Tosya - at Joanie's

Ein haus für immer by chipirilox, via Flickr

use the vintage patterns on the seats as part of a new pattern we design for the stories and our 'look'. Use the shapes and colours to guide our designs etc. Also links 'then' and 'now' nicely, the old and the new. Updated look!