Don't base your diet on calories but on healthy food, but if you decide to do it anyway....take a look at this!

Watch what you eat

100 Calories

stop eating CRAP

This really helps if you look at it while at the gym!


What you eat in private you will wear in public!!!

Alkaline foods help your body heal and stay balanced

It's all about changing your perception!

Could Low Carb Eating Help You Loosing Weight

See how many exercises you need to burn off these foods!

This is such an awesome blog full of tips, pics and quotes to keep going fit and healthy!!!

Spare Change and Calories They All Add Up

5 Myths about the Fitness Exercises

Top 10 Belly Fat Burning Foods

7 Ways to Stop Craving Junk Food. Will probably need to read more than once.

Cravings are the absolute worst. Check out why you're having a craving and how to stop it.

woah. starting at seven? don't know if i could do that...