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    ponder this: what has more protein, an ounce of spinach or an ounce of steak? #health #fitness #nutrition #clean #vegetables #food #salad

    Foods you should never be eating!

    this really changes your perspective on what it takes to be "full"

    17 Foods That Should Be Wiped Off The Planet. Seriously!

    Watch what you eat

    Check out our full report on natural, science-supported ways you can clean up your body and feel better, stronger, and healthier through the consumption of detoxifying foods! :)

    Best 7 Essential Oils For Instant Pain Relief | Essential oils can be really much more powerful than you might think and some of them are really great for pain relief and not only pain relief, they can also help with muscle tension, neuropathy, inflammation or migraines and much more. It is surprising that people do not use this amazing natural product more....

    This tells you your body type AND what types of workouts are better for you AND what types of foods you should be eating!

    Eat According to Your Blood Type you will instantly feel better...interesting... and accurate

    Just learning this


    what you should eat, and when

    **TRIGGER WARNING - a bit late given the heading of this** Interesting weight and size infographic. If you are struggling with a mental illness or eating disorder, please know there are many people, services and information to support you. With much love and respect as you find you way ...


    good info to know!

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    Your stomach shouldn't be a waste basket -- remember this even when you're PMSing!!! #fusionfitnesskc #challengeyourself #fitness #motivation #inspiration #body #improvement

    Health Numbers to Know


    Perfect gift for that super healthy friend!

    Interested in CLEAN EATING? This chart is helpful!