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Explore 10 Allergy, Allergy Myths, and more!

Allergy Myths Dispelled- Whether you are dealing with allergies or other health issues, it is always wise to do your research before accepting myths as facts. Take allergies for instance. Some folks believe that kids can outgrow them. Allergies are not always harmless and can be life-threatening. Understanding some of these myths can help those who suffer from allergies to take better care of themselves. #infographic


The Science Behind Stupidly Hot Peppers [CHART]

Pepperishous #flowchart #infographic

from Rooted Blessings

An Easy Way to Test Yourself for Food Allergies

test for food allergies (pulse test). some say it is not accurate but it would be interesting to try it.

Beer vx. Coffee: The idea versus the execution - Find out when is the best time to drink coffee or beer.

This infographic is about the importance of water for human body The dehydration and the implications for the body of the people.




What foods are good for your eyes #infographic #EyeCare


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8 Foods For Pain Relief