Use oil pastels on sections of hair, then coat with hairspray. - Temporary color for brunettes... I want to try this!!

lauren conrad's dip dyed hair. edgy but girly

Chalk it up...


love her hair color

Bright teal wavy hair #bright #dyed #unnatural #hair


purple hair

Frou. This shade apparently looks great on all skin types with all hair colors-must try!

Color!!!! Luv it

want my hair this color

Deep Purple #purple #hair #beauty

Hair for A

LOVE this! thinking of dying my hair blonde just to get this look! lol jk. but really, so cute.

Have tried it, and LOVE it!!! Sharon's Personal Tip: DON'T FORGET that twisting smaller pieces of hair produces tighter curls, and larger pieces, bigger, looser curls. Especially if your hair holds curl as well as mine does (even though it's naturally straight), I learned the hard way that if you use too small sections of hair, the next morning your hair will have grown into a small 'Fro! Dx

Sometimes I wish my hair could look like this

Wavy hair tutorial. This technique works amazingly, you have to try it! Things to remember: 1. Always curl the hair away from your face 2. Wrap the hair around the curling iron {see in the last picture how to hold your arms and the curling iron} 3. Hold for about 5-8 seconds 4. Don’t use hairspray until the end.

Finally a short hair updo that anyone can do!