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Use Popular Music to Teach Poetic Devices & Figurative Language

Use Popular Music to Teach Poetic Devices & Figurative Language done this it is fun.Katy Perry Firework is a good song for next time

We HEART Poetry! A Poetry Analysis FREEBIE for Grades 4-8

As an upper elementary to middle school teacher I have a variety of learners; enthusiastic and engaged, easily inspired, indifferent, and those that require a bit more encouragement to enhance their joy of learning. Can you relate?

Figurative Language - This video is probably my favorite.  The person who put it together is a teacher, and his sense of humor is obvious with the use of calmer music, etc.  My students laughed so hard throughout the entire thing...and I teach 9th/10th grade, so that's saying a lot!

Wonderful figurative language video using pop music and movies! Great for middle school and high school!

Use Song Lyrics to Teach Figurative Language & Poetry Terms www.traceeorman.com

ERIN--great for grade too! Orman's Classroom: Use Popular Music to Teach Poetic Devices & Figurative Language

an activity teaching similes

Teaching similes with pop rocks! Use with the pop rocks bag to the side! Love rich text and interactive writing

FREE Figurative Language Printables   Looking for some figurative language assessments or review? Then these two free pages are for you!  Thanks for looking!  HoJo  3-5 6-8 figurative language free freebie HoJo metaphors Similes

FREE Figurative Language Printables

LA-FREE quiz/worksheet for metaphors, similes, personifications, alliteration, and onomatopoeia

anchors - figurative language-want to do a note sheet like this will fill in the blanks.

ANCHOR CHART~ Figurative language chart to help students with this challenging skill. Just a reminder to make a Figurative Language page. I want to turn this into an interactive lesson though.