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    I'll admit, I teared up when I heard Troy Polamalu announced he was retiring from playing football. Still, he chose his family over himself, and you have to respect that. #43 forever!!! (via The Steel Curtain)

    Presented without snark.

    Break for a break, ha ha ha!!!

    Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor huddle together on the sideline...that's how close the team is.

    Brett Keisel shows off that ladykiller of a beard. Release the Keisel!

    Is it bad luck for a black cat to sleep on a Terrible Towel?

    Ho ho ho, it's Keisel Claus!

    It isn't over until it it OVER! Any football fan knows that. For those who don't know, the comedian on the right is Kevin Hart. (via NFL Memez)

    You know you are a diehard Packers fan when you dress your toddler as Clay Matthews for Halloween. Nice locks!

    Judging by the scar in the dark-green-and-light-green-with-wheat-sprouts logo, they found out they literally bleed green and gold.

    The family that gets Steelers tattoos together...

    Looks like Taz got lost on the way to Lambeau Field...

    Throwback jerseys! Honestly, these confuse me...I keep thinking the Rams are in the field. Still, as of October 2013, they haven't lost a game while wearing them, so they can wear those retro jerseys whenever they please. (via Packers News)

    Is it football season yet? (via Kickoff Coverage)

    Packers vs Rams; Jacoby Jones is in the foreground. (via Cracked)

    "No I didn't, get OFF of me! This is embarrassing enough!" (via Eric EZ-JudgeIt Tuttle)

    Roger Goodell can suck it.

    Pittsburgh STEELERS / Team Color Stripes / by KariesCrochetDesigns on etsy

    Monster Steelers fan hat....rawrrrr! (by HammondsHandcrafts on Etsy)

    Terrible Towel tattoo...during the game, he can wave his arm around!

    FTOP: "The Terrible Towel in space with Pittsburgh born astronaut Mike Fincke." I wonder how the towel swirls in zero gravity.

    Terrible towel, are you supposed to wear the towel like that? Still, it's a neat idea.

    I didn't know Stormtroopers were Steelers fans!

    Thank you for your service, towel waver!

    Terrible Towel sighting in Peru.