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    illyne's Jora cosplay (Guild Wars). What is it with video game characters and comically big swords?

    Killer Frost cosplay...those eyes! Wait, why can't I move? S**t, she froze me!

    Power Girl cosplay...the goofy face is to distract from the boobs, perhaps?

    Harley Quinn cosplay...yet ANOTHER variant. I swear Harley has more costumes than the whole cast of Cleopatra.

    WhiteLemon's Gamora cosplay (Guardians of the Galaxy). That's one green alien lady you do NOT want to tussle with.

    Queen of Pain cosplay...please don't hurt me, ma'am! (photo by Dtjaaaam)

    Echidna as Sexy Velma...that's brings a new meaning to the word "jinkies." (photo by Valentin Offner)

    FTA: "Chase Masterson as Xela" She looks like one Orlon (?) slave girl who takes guff from no one.

    This is Ariane Saint-Amour cosplaying Mad Moxxi from Borderlands. The kid's eyes are boob level, what else is he going to look at? (via thecure13)

    See? Wal*Mart shoppers are more than just bad crossdressers, wacky wig wearers and those who wear racetrack tanks as skirts. Maybe Ash needed to get some snacks before the next gym leader battle. (via foreverflower-child)

    le-miracle's Scarecrow cosplay...Yeah, I'm officially scared now. Gaaaaaaah!!!

    "I'll just sit here and read the funnies...gotta love Pearls Before Swine!" (Tuxedo Mask cosplay from Sailor Moon; pic via xprofawesome)

    Cartman must be either taking the picture or scarfing down KFC in the food court. (via Gibbyjr)

    Guzzardi's Borderlands 2 cosplayers....holy crap, that is some serious paint work. The character on the right kinda reminds me of Pavi Largo from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

    Even Spider-Woman can't resist a duckface bathroom selfie.

    Anatomic Latex's EDI cosplay from Mass Effect...whoa, just...whoa! (via andromeda latex)

    "You got your Captain Hammer in my Firefly!" "You got your Firefly in my Captain Hammer!" Stop fighting and bask in the awesomeness, especially the gender-flipped Jane and Kaylee. (via Crackling Electricity)

    A.C.V. Externall's Totoro dress...the dress is cute enough, but the Dust Bunnies in the crinoline liner makes it extra cute! (via Dustbunny)

    Ani-Mia's Quailman cosplay...Hello, nostalgia! See more of Ani-Mia's awesome cosplay here, including April O'Neil, Velma, Dark Phoenix, Vanille, and more:

    Khaleesi cosplay...perfect braid!

    BertLePhoto's Lupin The Third cosplayers...catch them if you can!

    Hidrico Photography's Borderlands 2, I thought this was a deviantArt drawing at first. That is how good it is.

    I've seen a wheelchair TARDIS, a wheelchair ice cream truck, a wheelchair Darth Vader ship and a wheelchair tank. I've never seen a wheelchair hot air balloon!

    "Give me instructions for Batman villain costumes!" "Which one?" "All of them!"

    It's Halloween, BITCH!