many DIY stamp ideas & instructions -- from Judi Hurwitt at Approachable Art, here:

Vintage French Stamp

stamp design with a take out box

very clever - make your own stamps!!

Great website for clay stamp making

DIY: pendulum painting


Making flowers

How to make your own stamps!

Plaster relief with Styrofoam tray

like this craft.

DIY stamp how-to | mer mag

little foam things called "marshmallows"--I saw them at Michaels. Heat them, press into texture, and you have an instant stamp.

DIY Lace Print

Tutorial: How to make clay rollers & stamps...........

#DIY: #Cardboard #Crown

a Stamp a Day: birds

Scrapbooking / card making project. So simple! - toilet tissue - water - paper towels - rubber or acrylic stamps

How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood… for a unique diy photo display.