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    Santa Claus. Mechanical reindeer laughing with red eyes....welcome to hell, kiddies!

    I don't know why I'm laughing so hard.

    I hate Tywin because he is the reason Jaime Tyrion and Cersei are so messed up, But.... I do really love the man too..

    sprucing up

    Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

    It's almost time...

    He worked at Gizmonic Institute, just another face in a red jumpsuit...

    Everyone should see this gif.

    Grumpy Cat Montage

    Merry Christmas, Baby

    MST3K :-)

    The many names . . .

    This reminds me of MST3k

    Twig wreath

    Yum, the This Island Earth special! Hope it comes with a hammer and claw cracker! Red Bubble has some of the awesomest t-shirts. (Alex Pawlicki for Red Bubble)

    Crawling Eye

    The Nightmare Before Christmas (Fan-made & very clever)

    The Nightmare Before Christmas by Dave Perillo

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. That isn't tobacco in that pipe?

    What the hell did Crow drink?

    Princess Bride/Game of Thrones