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Loyalty- Trent Shelton this is a very good video pls watch!!

@ Trent Shelton Love this guy

i like people who have a sense of individuality. i love expression and anything awkward and imperfect. because thats natural and thats real.

Perfectly Flawed by Trent Shelton ❤

Less is More.... I agree and always have. Although I am very sociable. I prefer a tight circle consisting of trust, loyalty, respect, and much laughter and love. A few of these friends = happiness for me. He's right on, on this one...SALP

If I were to give someone I love a promise ring i would say this before

More than enough... That's what you said I do for you and it will never stop...I don't ever want to lose you...

"Loyalty is too rare to not be appreciated." - Trent Shelton Repin if you agree. #SuccessConscious