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    park bench squishing

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    Even at dinner we choose to sit {side by side} because that is what love it. An intertwining of two hearts, that had grown side by side. -lc <3

  • Leigh Stigler

    Romantic quotes | girl, love, love quotes, quotes, romantic love quotes - inspiring ...

  • Muneeb Baloch

    #facebook #quotes #about #love #for #status

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this is true - i love that

this would be great for my laundry "nook". good reminder to change my negative attitude about laundry into a positive one! lol!

Just one more. What we always say to one another. ♥

this could not be any truer, speaking of course from artist block... the first stroke was the hardest.

THE C.S. Lewis 1 Typewriter quote on 5x7 cardstock by WritersWire, $5.00

People believe what we do, not what we say... ~ Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to live my life in such a way that none can question my faith in You… You are the Lord of my life, let my faith be evident in all I do… Amen

"Out of all of the moments in my life, the ones I've spent with you are my most favorite." #lovequotes

{Love Builds a Happy Home Print by Wondercloud Design} Very sweet....

don't we all wish that when we got home from work, your someone would be there to jump up and down, run in circles, bring you toys and gifts...simply because your coming home made their day :)

You said you loved how I looked at you... does she look at you the same way? Does she see deep into your soul? Does she know what you're thinking before you say it? I think you're just afraid to face reality. I think you know it will never go anywhere so you have fun while you can and then move on to the next one when she finds someone else. Why do you push away the ones who love you most!?!