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  • Ken Collins

    Should You Move To A Big City Without A Job Offer?

  • Alan Joseph @

    Time Square in New York City is a famous and #wonderfulplace. The place itself is center of #beauty and #imagination which is why it is a major #travel #destination for the tourist and possibly the first preference of people who come to #NewYork. If you are looking for complete article please visit

  • Mei Ling

    New York City - 2004 (New year's eve in Times Square) and 2011

  • Heather Long

    If I could have an affair with a city, it would be with New York City!... the years I lived in the Big Apple were filled with adventures, excitement and happiness!

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#Intention: In essence you want to arrive at an unquestionable certainty that what you are intending is your reality, and that you already are what you desire to be. And it is this which I believe to be the essence of ‘silently willing’ or in other words, intending. Is it something that can be cultivated? The answer to that question is repetition, and learning how to discipline our imagination, and emotions through repetition and diligent practice.

NYC. Aerial view of Lower Manhattan looking South // by Tony Shi via Flickr

Really any metropolis such as new york has a sense of appeal in my eye, but New york City in general always pop up in my mind as a beautiful place, during the day and at nite. I love the vibe that the city life has to offer and i consider that something to be "beautiful" in its own rite.

New York City. I've been there once, but I HAVE to go back. I was only there for a day, so I don't feel like it really counts.

Late Afternoon over Midtown Manhattan, New York City by andrew c mace

Looking down Broadway from 125th St. Photo by Nino Stoyanov

NYC, lights. Wish I could go back to New York City..

We ♥ NYC for Protecting Pregnant Workers How about it red states- going to catch up with rest of world