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Broken Heart Wallpaper | Broken Heart WallPaper by ~foxalex on deviantART

wallpaper of image "Broken heart" image ; [link] x 720 bye Broken Heart WallPaper

The Father's love for us is an all consuming fire that shall never be extinquished. He'll  never give up on us Never let go. (Until the end of this life comes)... That's the best love. Nothing else can come anywhere close to that love. That's intense and it's true. Don't accept a counterfeit love over a true love. Accept Jesus! He's the one who calls us beautiful one. The one who forgives anyone who asks. It doesn't matter what you've done if you ask with a truly repentant heart he…

What Element Is Your Heart & Soul?

LOVES FIRE BURNS My heart is burning with love All can see this flame Igniting my passion, invoking desire But its playing with my mind .



I've actually had this idea on my own! I thought it would be cool to get little tattoos with my husband so when we hold hands it's a complete picture.