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  • Brenda Rhein

    Kitchen Tricks and Tips From Our Expert Cooks Keeping Fried Food Crispy If you’re frying up shrimp or chicken, don’t rest the cooked pieces directly on a plate—the residual heat will become trapped under the food, creating steam and turning everything soggy. Instead, use a cooling rack (set on a rimmed baking sheet to keep counters clean). With room for air to circulate, fried morsels will maintain their satisfying crunch until dinner.

  • Angie Krebs

    How to Keep Fried Chicken Crispy Once your chicken pieces are done frying, set them on a cooling rack in a cookie sheet. This will let them cool without getting soggy on the bottom while you finish preparing the rest of your meal.

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I've never tried to make my own fried chicken but this oven fried chicken sounds AMAZING!!! Sweet Tea Oven-Fried Chicken DessertForTwo

Oven Fried Chicken...This is the recipe Lizet went by, and she said it was very good.