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    How to keep fried food crisp

    • Angie Krebs

      How to Keep Fried Chicken Crispy Once your chicken pieces are done frying, set them on a cooling rack in a cookie sheet. This will let them cool without getting soggy on the bottom while you finish preparing the rest of your meal.

    • Barbara Majoy

      To keep fried chicken crispy use a cooling rack to rest the chicken till serving. This should work for fish too.

    • Sharon Siew

      Real Simple test kitchen - keeping fried food crispy by laying it on a wire rack so there is air to circulate. Put something underneath to keep counter clean.

    • Allyson Brake-Miller

      Keep fried food crispy by placing finished pieces on a cooling rack instead of a plate. No more soggy chicken fingers!

    • Brenda Rhein

      Kitchen Tricks and Tips From Our Expert Cooks Keeping Fried Food Crispy If you’re frying up shrimp or chicken, don’t rest the cooked pieces directly on a plate—the residual heat will become trapped under the food, creating steam and turning everything soggy. Instead, use a cooling rack (set on a rimmed baking sheet to keep counters clean). With room for air to circulate, fried morsels will maintain their satisfying crunch until dinner.

    • Amanda Ward

      Keeping Fried Food Crispy | Kitchen Tricks and Tips From Our Expert Cooks | Real Simple Mobile

    • Ariane Toper

      Keeping a burrito together is no easy task. Instead of having to focus on holding it together and scooping up the beans, then the pieces of chicken, then the guacthis is when things really start to get messythat keep on slipping out, you can slip on a Food Loop, and enjoy your meal sans the anxiety. The heat-resistant silicon Food Loops are also perfect for trussing, offering an alternative to kitchen string, twine and toothpicks . tips-tricks

    • Emily Mencken

      Kitchen Tricks and Tips From Our Expert Cooks Real Simple: keeping fried food crispy

    • Courtney Travis

      Use A Cooling Rack To Keep Fried Food Crispy #HowTo #Tips #Tricks

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