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afo sock! Super affordable! Very breathable in hot weather. Follow us at


AFO Socks

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Kafo Wear

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Charcot Marie

A great resource for anyone who uses AFOs, this site sells socks for both children and teens in a variety of colors. Yes, AFO socks in different colors and patterns!

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Seniors Super Store - Great site for adaptive equipment

Easyup Shoes

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Boa Closure

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Orthotic Shoes

The twister shoes for children or adults with splints or AFO's. - How cool?

Washington Postfrom Washington Post

The best apps for special needs kids

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Special Education Classroom Ideas

Special Needs Classroom

Ipad Classroom

Ipad Apps For Special Needs

Assistive Technology Ideas Special Needs

Technology Futuristic

The best iPad apps for special needs kids

Autistic Kids Activities

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Toys For Autistic Kids

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Kindergarten Autism

Aut Classroom

I find that autism and low vision have similar difficulties due to sensory overload.

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Dvd Yoga

Sing Song Yoga™ DVD sampling

Glowing Sensory

Glowing Activities

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Activities For Kids

Tree Glowing

Light And Dark Activities For Toddlers

Glowing Stars

LOTS of sensory play ideas! Sensory play helps children learn about their world, and have fun doing it!

Yoga For Kids

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Cosmic Kids

Episode 1


▶ A Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure! Episode 1 - Squish The Fish - YouTube

Wrist Motion

Easier Experience

Carry Keys

Door Ot

Keys Key

The Keys

Control Key

Adapted Key

Ot Stroke

Key Turner for an easier experience when opening a door, OT Modification

Phonics Phones

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Pvc Pipes

Duct Tape

heard this really works- haven't tried it yet. Whisper phones--Teacher makes phones from pvc pieces and decorative duct tape. When the child is reading, he or she puts the phone up to mouth and ear and reads out loud in a whisper tone. This allows the student to hear himself as he goes along in the story.

Bracelet Buddy

Bracelet Watch

Aides Techniques

I 3Ot

Ot Ing

Adult Ot

Ot Ms

Ot I Adls Modifications

Ot Gero

A Bracelet Buddy to help you do up your bracelet or watches on your own

Theraputty Ideas

Theraputty Exercises

Strengthening Fine

Ot Crafting

Parenting Developmental Ot

The Beauty

Ot Riffic

Motor Ideas

Yr Montessori

Several wonderful ideas for using theraputty for strengthening fine motor skills and building strength in the hands and fingers.

Children With Anxiety

Children Learn

Children In Poverty

Mental Health Diagnosis

Health Diagnoses

Dual Diagnosis

Behavioral Characteristics

Overlapping Characteristics

Characteristics Google

Overlapping Behavioral Characteristics Related Mental Health Diagnoses in Children -- this is a GREAT chart for parents who are trying to figure out what actions of their kiddo is what part of mental health (many parents have children with multiple diagnoses and are trying to figure out "is this behavior the ADHD or the anxiety?, etc."

Ankle Braces

Shoes For Braces

Afo Braces

Find Shoes


Multiple Special

Teaching Learners


Activities For Cerebral Palsy

Crocs are PERFECT for AFO's! - Re-pinned by #PediaStaff. Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Teaching Everyday

Everyday Skills

Skill Teaching

Allan Teaching

Teaching Independent Living Skills

Homeschooling Special Needs

Parenting Special

Special Education

Teaching Special Needs Children

Book: Steps to Independence: Teaching Everyday Skills to Children with Special Needs

Childhood101from Childhood101

Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable

Acceptable Ways

Socially Acceptable

Manage Emotions

Emotions Feelings

5 Steps To Managing Big Emotions

Emotions Poster

How To Handle Emotions

How To Handle Conflict

Managing Strong


Awareness Psa

Syndrome Awareness

Disability Products

Disability Info

Wear Orthotics

Wear Afos

Entry Shoes

Trisomy Adapted

Marie S Cerebral

Hatchbacks® Footwear -Easy to Fit, Rear Entry Shoes designed for use with AFOs.

Behavior Teachers

Behavior Autism

Teacher Pay Teachers

Freebie Behavior

Autism Nonverbal

Autism Classroom


Redirection Behavior

Nonverbal Special

Behavior Wrist Cards - FREE! Autism; special needs; Regular Education - for those that need redirecting; visuals

Teach Tots

Teach Kids

Help Teach

Children Learn

Pepi Bath

Tots Life

Bath Lite

Bath 3

School Technology Apps

Educational Apps For Kids: teaching life skills