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      MENOPAUSE - Simply Supplements Menapol Plus is specifically designed to offer relief from symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes and night sweats.

    • Simply Supplements

      Simply Supplements Menapol Plus is a popular herbal formula which provides quick and effective relief from hot flushes, night sweats and irritability associated with #Menopause

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    5 Herbs to cool hot flushes and night sweats for natural treatments for Menopause symptoms

    For many women approaching menopause, it can be scary, unpredictable, and uncomfortable. Between the hot flashes and the mood swings, it is no wonder why women seek out therapies to help them through it. An effective treatment plan can include hormone therapy and physical activity, but also equally effective is many herbal remedies. Here are 5 natural herbs that can help cool down hot flashes and make menopause a little more tolerable.

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    When suffering from PMS cramps, heat therapy can be effective in reducing pain. Try applying a hot water bottle to your stomach, as the heat can help to improve blood flow, which is thought to ease discomfort. Alternatively, a warm bath can work in a similar way. Adding an essential oil to the water, such as lavender or jasmine, can provide added relaxation.

    Having a bad day, ladies? You're probably not alone...Many women suffer from premenstrual mood swings. B vitamins are thought to help regulate mood, and may be effective in reducing mood swings caused by PMS.

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    PMS induced cravings are believed to be linked to low levels of serotonin, a substance that is thought to regulate appetite, mood and sleep. 5-HTP is essential in the production of melatonin, and so a lack of this chemical may lead to cravings. Try a 5-HTP supplement to ease your cravings!

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    Inhaling or massaging with lavender essential oil has a calming effect which may help to reduce menopausal mood swings and fears.