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These stalls are sharp!! They feature diamond crosshatch and horizontal wooden rails in contrasting colors. The full height hinged feed door also acts as a yoke, allowing horses to hang their heads out. The blanket bar & built-in shelves are ideal for daily equine care.


Double mane braid horse, for those extra thick manes! The running braid isn't one that should be done the night before, because if you do it well enough where the braid is tight against the horse's neck she can't lower her head.

13 XC Jumps That Will Make You Pee Your Britches

Bridle, Bit and Reins Tutorial by

Little donkey foal

Wind Chimes recycled stirrups and snaffle bits

what a great pic!


Paint Thoroughbred

Overjump much?

Buh-bye Credit: Barbara D. Livingston An interesting Saratoga morning. Love this shot!

Witzige Mass Effect Fanart/Comics

Mass Effect Perfume Series - James Vega Caliente - haha this is the best

Mass Effect Perfume Series - Mordin Solus Sacrifice

Mass Effect Perfume Series - Garrus Vakarian Archangel

Mass Effect Perfume Series - Thane Krios Siha

Budweiser brew house, St. Louis!

polo pony

A bit in a frame over burlap.

Banner of Rohan