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A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing, Issue Number 75, August 1989 - #Atari #Atari400 #Atari800 #Atari800XL #Atari65XE #Atari130XE #80s #1980s #1989 - http://www.megalextoria.com/magazines/index.php?twg_album=Computer_Magazines%2FANALOG_Computing%2Fanalog_1989-08_show=Analog+Computing+75+1989-08+Use+Atari+Lightgun+in+your+Programs-01.jpg

Computer & Video Game Magazines - Analog Computing 75 Use Atari Lightgun in your

George R. R. Martin on female characters.  Someday, maybe far in the future, but I hope not, some generation will wonder why he would ever say that.  Let's do what we can to help our cultures embrace his point of view.  Thank you Mr. Martin, from half the people in the world and those of the other half who understand the truth.

George R. R. Martin on female characters…

George RR Martin on writing good female characters. Every Woman in A Song of Ice and Fire is fierce!

Narnia Fact

William, Anna, Skandar, and Georgie didn't play the Pevensie kids; they are the Pevensie kids!

Well C.S. Lewis was an atheist when he was young. There's still hope. This really surprises me. This is all symbolical for God

😢 This breaks my heart, but I know that people can change. Lewis did, and is now one of my Christian superheroes.

Friendship like theirs is uncommon now, I know. Sometimes the most encouragement you'll get in a day is a "like" on Facebook.

What JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis Taught Me About Friendship