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What Kinds of Hairstyles Work if I Want to Cut My Hair & Let the Gray Grow Out?

by Yvonne Van Damme
People go gray at different ages. For some it happens in their twenties and others in their forties. There comes a moment when you may want to stop coloring over gray hair or just grow out the gray hair. When considering what kinds of hairstyles will work if you want to cut your hair and let the gra...

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I love the look - grey hair, great cut, great glasses.

Get the look from DRYBAR! Founded by longtime professional hairstylist Alli Webb, Drybar offers a line of styling products and tools designed specifically to achieve the perfect blowout.

Wow I Hope my hair looks half as good as this when it is finished greying.

420416_10150617422634102_48453814101_9285158_660781997_n.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Lisa71887. Find other 420416_10150617422634102_4845381410...

I don't see myself chopping my hair off any time soon, but if I did, this is so cute.

fabulous gray hair & wonderful cut! it'll be a while before I cut my hair short again but when I do, this will be how it's done!

Grey Layered Short Cut-side part with volume boosting layers and slightly curled bangs

What GORGEOUS hair! I would love to cut mine this short and see what happens!

Nice grey with a silver streak around the face.

I like the salt & pepper hair & cut on Carina Amami.

love the long hair - note to self: do not feel pressured to cut my hair.

hair styles for medium hair.. I LOVE this.. Wish I could find someone to cut mine like this..