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That's hilarious

There's no where to run

Some of them want to chew you. Some of them want to be chewed by you

Well played....

Oh my gosh

And they called him a one hit wonder | Anyone else tried to the hand V? Not as easy as it looks.


So awesome

Nurse Humor - and she's RIGHT. I've said this so many times!.....it should be posted in every waiting room

The dog's face is priceless.

I would marry C. Lewis.

Touching wires causes INSTANT DEATH – $200 fine.

Abandoning your classes in the middle of semester? No problem, Dr Jones!

Do Not Park Here.

Zombie Survival

I'd say......

LONDON EVENING STANDARD COMMENT: "We have reacted in worst possible way to Scottish Independence" #indref #auspol - no shit! pic.twitter.com/bSrmKh21O3