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    A rather terrifying illustration of female orgasm from Sexology Magazine, November, 1949 via @drjanafunke on Twitter

    “When a Girl is a Teaser” #1 November 1952 issue of “The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend” magazine ”How to spot the ‘Bad Girls’ “.

    32 Mesmerising GIFs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Science / "magnetic putty swallowing a metal cube whole"

    "Every woman can find her image/reflection in one of these deities...." Hungary, for me :) I'm not sure if *every* woman can find her exact shape here, but I'm sure many can, in one statue or mixes of some... anyway, this is awesome. all these shapes are beautiful :)

    You're weird but I like you.

    LeRoy McDermott argues that paleolithic venus figurines lose their distorted proportions and acquire representational realism if we understand that they are self-portraits created by women looking down at their own bodies. If we look down at our own bodies, breast and belly dominates the visual field, navels seem nearer the pubis, legs are foreshortened and buttocks appear elevated - all features seen in the figurines. (click through for full article)

    Jean Cocteau sketched his arrival in New York, 1949.


    Dude Looks Like A Lady

    Over Thinking

    Shared this on Facebook last week. LOVE this woman. Starting now. (Well, starting last week.)

    21 Shaving Struggles All Girls Know To Be True

    Female Anatomical Figure Probably Italian, 18th century

    Jason Levesque

    Andreas Preis

    I love most people. But I also love this for the few people I really, really don't love. via

    ink and watercolor illustration (and digitally altered) by Iveta Abolina "Before the Storm"... beautifully done

    Brilliant Digital Illustrations by Sylar113