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  • Sarah Harding

    To-Do Venn Diagram by Wendy MacNaughton. Bought a print from etsy by this illustrator. I think I'm a fan!

  • Rhiannon DeBaylo

    To do list Venn Diagram. by Wendy MacNoughton. so, so true.

  • Kiara Perkins

    my life story. in a venn diagram of course.

  • Koko Ef

    Over-thinking. The artist’s greatest enemy (besides indian ink spills) …via Wendy MacNaughton MOST ACCURATE EVER

  • Roy Kenagy

    ToDo List

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This is EXACTLY how my mad works. (Megan House: Remember?: I will be mad at you for exactly ten minutes. And then I will get over it.)

the introverted cat by gemma correll, via Flickr. This isn't me at all....

Keep calm and ommmnmnom

{ introvert } elaborate guide to partying.<<< Stand there awkwardly, then hide, then escape. I know this routine well, lol.

Illustrious: Cry Me A River / Nguyen Thanh Nhan • Black, Gray, Gold, Illustration

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple - but does it float

collide x combine / satsuki shibuya

Farmers Market by katiedaisy, via Flickr... her etsy shop is lovely!

this is me almost every night. LOL