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    My friend thinks he's smart.


    Heard you're pregnant... DYING HAHAHAA


    So there's a video (picture) that shows a light beam shooting from the top of a Mayan Pyramid...what a perfect response!

    This cracks me up!

    So funny!!!!

    Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism… I LOVE these things!

    brb, dying.


    Everyone says, "FU autocorrect". I say, "Thank you autocorrect...for being a much funnier comedian than Dane Cook ever was."


    This should not be so funny as to make me laugh until I tear up but somehow it is.

    This gave me a good laugh!


    'Only thinks of you as a friend.'

    Can't. Stop. Laughing.

    Hahahahaha :D

    Good friend. Ha

    how funny