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Small, boat, wood-burning stove. Perfect for my new workshop/office. Could keep a kettle of water warm all day or some chili. Toasty :}

House Boat

tiny houseboat

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shanty boat

it's a trailer AND a boat! you can camp on land or on water and you can build it yourself

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Cruising Shanty Boat

Here's an architect who said 'Somebody should design a better houseboat' and then realised that he's a 'somebody'... Have you ever considered being a 'live-aboard'? It's a great lifestyle but you decide after viewing the full album of 21 photos and plans on our site now at Packed and ready? What do you think?

In this post I'm going to show you a micro houseboat that you can probably build. One of my favorite things about tiny houses, micro cabins, and "alternative" structures is that you can get as crea...

Tiny House Boat


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Tiny island..Tiny house..

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Tiny house...boat. This guy is a really famous boat builder. Such a great design for a small cruiser houseboat

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A tiny house, as a house boat!

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