HAHAHAHA oh nigel...



someone help this poor child!! THIS is so funny!!

how i feel when i wake up from my unexpected nap. I haven't seen the movie but this still made me laugh.

I'm dying a little here

seriously awesome!


I just died laughing!

too funny!

I think I just died.

OH MY GOD. I just died.

Hahaha!!! love kelso

I just died.

Haha!! That is exactly what I asked my mom right after she had eye surgery!!!! ......she didn't think I was funny! But the nurses did!!!


Hahahaha omg I died

I remember this. It makes me giggle. Knowing how I was as a child, I'm pretty sure someday I'll have my very own Angelica.

some of these had me dying lol

Ermahgerd! Animal memes - too funny!!!!