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Blink and you’ll miss these eyeball tattoos

by Metro Web Reporter for Metro. co. uk.
New blue eyes: I ink therefore I am If even the sight of someone being needled with a normal tattoo is enough to make your eyes water, then it might be best to look away now. For body-art enthusiasts have developed a new technique that gives a whole new meaning to beauty being […]
  • Amy Boogie
    Amy Boogie • 3 years ago

    I'm not sure why anyone would bother just to comment gross or yuck to something especially when they don't know the pinner. I'm a little sorry this pin has hit the popular threads and every squeemish person feels their "ew" needs to be added. they are being deleted now in the hopes this thread leaves the "popular" feed since so many find it comment-worthy. So Comment if you wish but I will just delete it since it's my pin. Repin it if you want to have your own commentary.

  • Jennifer Pratt
    Jennifer Pratt • 3 years ago

    didn't even know u could get a tatt there. very intresting and now i can say that looks like the most painful spot for a tatt:)

  • Kim Natola
    Kim Natola • 2 years ago

    Very original, never would have thought of that, but would live to see it finished!

  • Jennifer Pratt
    Jennifer Pratt • 2 years ago

    @amy don't let peoples negative comments bother you. Each and every person is unique. The ones that say gross and all that probably don't even have one tattoo on their body. I love tatts, i have 4 myself. You have to be a good artist to even beable to tattoo which in return in my book makes tattoos art.:)

  • Yelena Kozlovskaya
    Yelena Kozlovskaya • 2 years ago

    hmmm... wonder how the finished product looks

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business man of the future. would love to be around when this is considered the norm. :)

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I would never in a million years get this tattooed on me, but this is a cool design

I like this except I would quote Stevie Nicks "I climbed a mt & turned around." With a mt in the background.

People are constantly asking if my eyes are real;) so funny but very flattering❤both my boys have amazing blue eyes too (god bless them) I wonder in my little bambino will too;)

  • Jennifer Lee

    Same here Heidi, I get asked that same question all the time!

  • Tassia

    Literally nobody alive in my family today has blue eyes. They're all brown except me and my second cousin who have green

  • Delia M

    I have blue eyes but all of my friends try to convince me that they are green!

  • Anna Hargitt

    I wear contacts and i have blue eyes!

  • Hope

    I have blue eyes, but when I go in the water they turn sort of emerald, and when my eyes hit the light they turn gray. And I'm just like, " Just make up your mind will you?!"

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Tattoo artist. Whenever I see a person with a heavily tattooed and/or pierced face, they always look sad.

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look at how she is dressed...haha

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