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Sure, they are cute as HELL now, BUT... It's all fun and games until Meg gets her ear bit off! lol (True story! but it was a leopard ;o)

Probably will never take pictures of such animals, but omgsh this is adorable!

"National Geographic's net proceeds from the sale of Cause An Uproar merchandise go to the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative. This program is dedicated to halting the decline of big cats through on-the-ground conservation projects. Cause An Uproar to save big cats today." Find out more at:

This looks so much like Hershey....the best puppy ever. Rescue dogs are extremely giving, loving and grateful. Thank you for 11 wonderful years. I love you and miss you Hershey-Roo.

Yep....I'd call in sick for this! Well if it was a pic of either of my furry girls

its an awsome feeling when your horse loves you, an animal so large, that you can trust, and that trusts you

A reminder to Victorian and New South Wales pinners that daylight savings starts TONIGHT at 2 am - clocks go forward an hour. Its such a yawn....

WOW.. going by the woman in the back seats face... I think it's safe to say she didn't see the visitor behind her... No thank you...

☀Yorkshire Wildlife Park by Dave. wow.

Great American Pet Photo Contest...1000$ Cash Price For The Winning Pet... Submit Your Pet Photos Here.... petphoto-contest....