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Tinting Bottles & Jars Tutorial Here is one of my favorite, SIMPLE Craft/Decor tips... How to Tint Bottles and Jars with Mod Podge, Water and Food Coloring! ~~~ I may have posted a similar one or two but am looking for the one that works the best! lol!

use rubber bands and a *GLASS* spray paint to frost them. Inexpensive, easy and a really great finish. How easy!

How to: Dye Clear Glass ANY Color (A New Technique)

How to: Dye Clear Glass ANY Color (A New Technique) Remember the Mod Podge food coloring technique for painting clear glass? That was cool and all, but I spotted another method using Vitrail glass paint and acetone (nail polish remover) that allows the bo

The link below is a youtube video of how to cut the bottle, and after that you just need to make the candle inside! SO DOING THIS!

Mix Elmer’s glue with food coloring and paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when it dries.