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    • Norma Rivera

      Brotherhood. (KO) A little fox and his bunny buddy. Normally this bunny would be dinner. Apparently these two found something in common and became friends. Very sweet. Snuggle bugs.

    • Nurse Bailey

      The Fox and the...poor dead bunny. They look like good friends. It's not uncommon for baby animals that are rejects from their family to be raised by animals you think are there for their next meal. This fox will treat this rabbit as one of her own.

    • Kailasa

      Funny thing is this represents the friend ship of Amelia and Sophia (Amy's keeper being a fox and Sophie's being a bunny)

    • Margie Spinney

      Forest friends. How wonderful I think the animals are beautiful . Unfortunately , I also think they are dead ; and that the picture is staged . First , the vegetation isn't right . Second , if you look at the bunny , it's eyes are open , and there is a large bare spot behind it's neck . Also , rabbits do not sleep in this pose . They sleep on their bellies , curled in towards each other . Margie Spinney

    • Lynn Thomas

      Red Fox and Bunny #foxes #bunnies #rabbits #animals #wildlife *** Awwww...

    • Chelsea Gilbert

      fox and bunny, seriously the cutest thing, best friends

    • Blaire Shaffer

      Forest friends, baby bunny & fox. So sweet.

    • Paola Fagnola

      Friends #baby #bunny #rabbit #animal #fox

    • Fran Siederer

      sleepy fox and baby bunny The Odd Couple

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    Possibly the cutest thing ever


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    Oh she looks beautiful alright. But look at those eyes, something about them, they just tell you that she's dangerous and she's not be trusted. Pretty things are often deadly.


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    This might be my favorite picture of all time

    {Lucky the fox & friends} oh goodness, can there be a sweeter trio? I want this cuteness! :)

    ARE YOU EVEN REAL?!? OMG STOP. Keep clicking on bunny to get a whole line of adorable animals.

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