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DIY cloth training pants!

by Heather @ It's A Long Story
This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! **update: These cloth training pants are now available for purchase at my shop First of all, I have an important announcement: Abbey slept in big girl pants all night last night!! Yaaayyyy!!! She slept i...
  • Miranda Florez

    DIY cloth training pants tutorial! So much cheaper than pull ups for when they are getting better at going to toilet but not quite got it yet!

  • Sarah Darby

    DIY cloth training pants! Great idea for my upcoming potty training adventure

  • Andrea Bjorlie

    DIY cloth training pants tutorial, good idea, I hope they wouldn't leak. I may try this sometime.

  • Melanie McKennon

    DIY cloth training pants! Take gerber padded training panties... add PUL to the outside and flannel lining to the inside for better coverage.... basically to use instead of pull ups...

  • Leigh Pinz

    idea for families to help potty training woes. DIY training pants

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Perfect! How to use old bloomers to make training pants! I am going to be forced to make Agatha's training pants since she is so darn tiny (many 12m pants she can walk out of still and trainers start at size 2T).

Pattern to make cloth training pants. Love! I would probably add a inner layer inside but super cute!

Potty training app-is it wrong that I actually thought about using this for myself? Am I the only one that puts off going because I have a million other things to do?!?!

Sewing training pants. These are different from the pair I have that I want to copy. But I was looking for what to put in the middle for absorbancy. This lady uses burp cloths. Everyone else I've come across uses a piece of flannel on the inside and lines the outside with PUL.

Training Pants Page (has the pattern but goes to a different site for instructions). To make money from your creative passions, visit modernhippiemama....

made the cutest pair of training pants for my little man with this pattern/tutorial. it is super easy to make. for the legs and waist i used folded elastic leftover from cloth diaper sewing. and for the absorbant layer i used quilt batting. i might add two layers to the next pair, but either way they're obviously not intended to be soaked like a diaper. ;)

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Can do with a number of things, however TWELVE is a lot for a toddler to do, I say 3-5 they get a surprise. Keep them interested and make goals achievable!

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DIY tutorial Toddler training pants by Dizzy Design Studio