keep your stovetop clean all the time

How To Clean A Stove

How to Clean a Stove Top!

Clean your stove top with baking soda and soapy water! So easy! Instructions here baking soda to cleaning around gas burners on stoves, will ck about electric ranges.

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser and powdered cleanser will remove scratches from dishes. And loads of other tips!

How to clean that oily, sticky residue off of appliances. I wish i knew this a long time ago.

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: How to Clean Cooked-On Gunk from a Stove Top

how to clean in between the glass on your stove doors, appliances, cleaning organization, Clean the space between your oven doors

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

BOOK CLEANER Absorene A favorite of museum curators, archival restoration experts, and libraries, Absorene Paper & Book Cleaner is a dry cleaner that gently & safely brightens and cleans paper and book cloth. Absorene draws dust and dirt from surfaces, and also works for prints, oil paintings and fabric. 15 oz.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Clean Stove Burner The easiest way EVER to clean stove burners I wll never srub mine again

Use Car Wax on your vents to keep them dust free

DIY: 10 Uses for Car Wax - keep exterior fixtures looking great with a coat of car wax, shine stainless steel appliances & faucets, unstick drawers, deter mildew + other random fixes!

37 Deep Cleaning Tips Every Obsessive Clean Freak Should Know

Laundry Tips and Tricks

Homemade+Carpet+Cleaner. Mix equal parts vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, spray or blot on stain, wait 2-3 min then wipe with damp cloth.

Just check off one item every day, and in three weeks you'll have thoroughly spring-cleaned your entire house--

This adorable white painted metal bucket is the perfect small cleaning caddy. Put your favorite cleaners and cleaning cloths inside and tuck under a cabinet or carry from room to room.

Vanilla Extract Clean the microwave and leave it smelling sweet with this household trick! Mix 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract in a microwave-safe container, and zap it on high for five minutes. When it's done, remove the container and wipe down the interior of the oven. Any gunk should slide right off.